Rules for adding an ad on the

It is not allowed:


  • adding multiple ads with the same content or meaning;
  • adding multiple ads with the same phone number but from different email addresses;
  • Include an ad in multiple categories;
  • including more goods or services in a single ad;
  • Inserting an article into an ad;
  • Posting an ad for advertising purposes;
  • the inclusion of images that refer to the user's contact details (natural or legal person);
  • the inclusion of images or video recordings belonging to sources other than those of the user and for which the author's permission does not exist;
  • the inclusion of generic images or pictures in the concrete goods that are the object of sale or rent. Please attach the picture (s) in the original format and they correspond to your good.

In the case of adding images in support of an ad, it is compulsory for them to match the ad and refer to the product or service in question. It is essential that they do not include company logos or contact details for promotional purposes. Our company reserves the right to make any changes or modifications at the time of notification of non-conformities.
The basic rule of thumb is that when a new ad is added to the site, old ads will be deleted to make the process more efficient.

Here are the following prohibited activities on

  • placing an ad for the sale or promotion of a good / service that is illegal
  • Introducing an ad that aims to direct traffic to another website
  • placing an ad promoting Multilevel Marketing or any other prohibited occupation
  • posting pornographic information or data, with nudity or other prohibited personal actions
  • defamatory or slanderous ads to people
  • posting announcements regarding protected areas / areas or protected animals
  • posting announcements about the marketing of fighter and attack dog breeds: Pit Bull, Boerbull, Bandog and their artisans
  • submission of a call for humanitarian appeal or purpose

The general rule is that we cannot accept ads for goods and / or services whose possession is illegal or which violates the rules and regulations in force in Romania and in the European Union.
The following are explicitly prohibited ads that include the marketing and promotion of the following goods, services and persons, which will be hereafter referred to


  • we absolutely exclude human trafficking
  • alcoholic beverages, without respecting the regulations in force
  • organ donation
  • stolen goods
  • antiques, coins, stamps that were illegally removed from the national heritage
  • goods subject to the embargo
  • escort services that provide or indicate prohibited sexual services
  • public documents, identity documents, bulletins, identity cards, false driving licenses
  • drugs, drugs that are only issued on prescription
  • illegal services
  • fireworks, firecrackers, explosive and destructive materials
  • lottery tickets and products with special diet
  • pesticides with special marketing regulation
  • hazardous chemicals
  • pictures or images that contain nudity
  • stolen property
  • cars, stolen or illegally purchased vehicles
  • tobacco products without respecting the legal regulations
  • ads that incite violence or promote physical and mental violence
  • sexual services in exchange for some goods or money
  • activities that promise big profits in case of periodic payments in advance

If we attempt to publish an ad that refers to one of the Prohibited Actions presented above, we reserve the right to remove the ad without prior notice from the user depositor. By submitting content that falls within the Prohibited Actions, you agree that you are solely responsible and will indemnify in the event of any injury, as well as assume civil and criminal liability arising from the violation of the laws in force. . Any form of communication between the members of the site is entirely the property of the users concerned, and cannot and does not guarantee in any way the quality, accuracy and integrity of the content transmitted through these forms of communication.
If you have any questions or would like clarification on the principles of ad serving, please contact us at